The 3 Ps of Branding

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Your brand is a key tool In an era of cutting through the noise and beating algorithms. Everyone and any cause or business is a brand -- and to be successful these days, you have to think outside the business card box.

Branding extends far beyond your logo, style guide, value prop, and ‘awareness’ marketing. It’s what’s woven into the fabric of your company culture. It’s how your customers feel about you, what your employees say about you and ultimately, the value add you deliver.

Think of it as the new 3Ps of marketing, with a brand twist.

Those of us who remember the four Ps -- Product, place, price, promotion -- have seen not just the traditional marketing mix evolving at a rapid pace. It’s marketing itself that is being disrupted. What’s left after catchy CTAs (calls to action), a growth hacker on staff, and granular reporting proving marketing’s ROI is the brand. The new Ps are all brand focused - aimed to build repeat business while inspiring net new business.

The New 3 Ps: Product. Promotion. People.

    As customers ourselves, we understand that customers want a high value product. Whether you sell boots or managed services, your product or service must deliver value to the buyer. The best way to do that is by continuously delivering a high-quality product or service and customer service experiences that delight every time.

    Just as marketing has evolved, so have the channels brands tap to engage with their audience. Today, it’s no longer just what message you deliver, but also how you deliver it. This is especially true in the digital world where we all want to ‘avoid being marketed’. Check in with your prospects and customers and let them guide the conversion path, eliminating friction wherever possible to deliver the most value.

    People are your greatest asset. The way they perceive your brand is one of the greatest opportunities, or obstacles, in driving success. It is crucial for you to identify the gap between how you aspire your company to be viewed and its perception both internal and out in the marketplace. Take care of your people, from colleagues to customers. Internal marketing is as vital as market facing initiatives in building a strong, beloved brand and organization.

The 3 Ps of Branding - Product, Promotion and People - refocuses our conversation on quality, building relationships and creating efficiency. Extending across the organization, all team members are responsible for honoring the brand, to make decisions that positively influence the lives of others within the organization, and ideally, create a ripple effect that is seen, felt, and perceived favorably by customers - and future customers.

Let’s get your product, promotion strategy and people on brand.