Weekends: Spring Strawberries

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Weekends are blissful bookends to grinding work weeks. While I don't believe in 'working for the weekend', there is a joy on Fridays at 5PM that washes over you, a little twinkle in your eye, a stride in your step. We are sunrise-risers in our house, so it's not the extra sleep we crave. It's being as schedule-less as possible, mornings of a bustling kitchen and evenings of dance parties, video games and cocktails on the porch.

This particular weekend happened to be full of events and plans- but a window Saturday morning from 9-12 was available. So, children and their friends in tow, we headed to Boone Hall Plantation's strawberry fields.

perfect strawberry

Growing up in NY, the strawberry festivals were always in steamy July. When I rolled into the plantation near my home in Charleston upon first moving South, one July, to inquire about strawberry picking, I was told I was an entire season too late.

This year I vowed to my children that our kitchen would be filled with fresh, hand-picked strawberries the first weekend of the season. And here we are, March 20-something and picking strawberries.

Laughter filled the rows as the bounty of ripe, juicy red strawberries filled our bushels. Filled to the brim, we weighed in at just under 15 pounds. I promised pancakes and fresh strawberry sauce once we got home.

picking strawberries
strawberry field
strawberries dish towel

The rinsing of the berries, the presentation of the pancakes, the morning ending on a high note. My heart was full, as well as my stomach as I, the Chef, had three pancakes and extra sauce. . . and I've already researched all the strawberry goods I'll be preparing this weekend. . . strawberry crisp, strawberry shortcake, strawberry smoothies, strawberry spinach salad. . . 

Weekends. This one had three full hours of happy children before our schedules hit. Enjoy those bite-size windows of free time with those you love, it's amazing how much they fulfill you and warm your heart. 

While it's faux pas to work for the weekends, it's bliss to celebrate yourself for the moments and experiences you've created. So, pause, take it all in, and embrace this life you've created. Fill yourself up in it, and start a whole new week - not defined by a work week - but of a life that is happening for you, by your design.