"I'm an Entrepreneurial Geek": Art of the Pitch Facebook Live Recap

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I kicked off the first segment of my new Facebook Live series, 'The Art Of'. My guest, Thomas Heath, Business Coach/Co-Founder of the Life Guidance Center/Columnist for the Charleston Regional Business Journal, discussed 'The Art Of The Pitch', how to craft a compelling story for any audience, whether pitching an investor or delivering your 30-second elevator speech.

'The Art Of' Facebook Live series features guests who embody passion, business, life in their industry, expertise and/or ideas, to inspire and engage viewers in the development of their own journey.

From 'finding your peeps' to deploying the 'WIIFM' principle, in 'The Art Of The Pitch' Thomas delivered tactical recommendations for ensuring you will engage your audience in order to achieve your objective. Here's a recap:


Thomas opened the discussion with questions he asks of all his coaching clients:

Who are your peeps, where do you find them, and what do you say to them?


Developing your target audience begins with your objectives. Are you looking for investors? Are you looking to beta your app with willing individuals? Are you growing your prospect base? Are you seeking new employment? The audience for each of these objectives is unique, thus requiring a different approach. A different pitch.

Thomas' Top 4 Tips to a Great Pitch

  1. Don’t Make it a “Pitch”: No one wants to feel sold! This is your chance to share your story.
  2. Engage Immediately: Capture your audience in the first 5-10 seconds with a compelling, memorable opening. Thomas shared his -- "Hi, I'm Thomas Heath and I'm an entrepreneurial geek." (Engaged immediately, right??)
  3. Focus on Your “C’s”: Connect, Clarity, Concise, & Call-to-Action. Each is paramount to crafting your compelling story. For example, focus on WIIFM (What's In It For Me) to clearly define and share the value(s) you, or your product/service/mission, deliver to your target audience.
  4. Practice Your “Pitch” Run your compelling story by sample, constructive, and empowering 'peeps', and always request feedback.

Through Thomas' coaching practice, clients strategically shape their brand, message, and pitch decks as well as build the confidence to pitch any audience to achieve business or personal objectives, create meaningful and nurturing connections, and ultimately, add more fulfillment to their lives. Connect with Thomas at @askThomasHeath on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or through the Life Guidance Center.

Watch 'The Art Of The Pitch' for the details on the four "C's" AND top two mistakes most individuals make when pitching.

Jamessina Hille