The Marketing Incubator: Entrepreneurs Rejoice!

marketing incubator team screenshot.png

I was fortunate to speak on a panel to discuss career journeys to the incoming MBA students at The College of Charleston. My conversations with the students after the event inspired me to request that a group of marketing focused students be offered the chance to work with me as a marketing agency for local entrepreneurs.

This request resulted in five fresh, creative minds and has turned into the launch of the Marketing Incubator. The focus of the Marketing Incubator is two-fold:

First, offer entrepreneurs raw talent to solve a marketing challenge or complete laser-focused marketing projects to move their businesses forward.

Second, provide an opportunity for students to take what they are learning in the formal classroom and apply to real businesses where their efforts will impact bottom lines and the dreams of entrepreneurs.

Thank you to entrepreneurs who submitted applications for consideration to be part of the first round of projects, which were announced October 2017, live on Facebook.

Over the course of 60 days, our Marketing Incubator 'agency' tackled marketing campaigns, strategic plans, and brand development for three entrepreneurs. Some projects were easier than others, some projects have some loose ends to tie up. Needless to say, we can't wait to kickoff another round of projects!

We learned a lot along the way - and below are links to experiences from a few of our MBA team members and entrepreneurs. 

Debbie Peck, Results Coach

The Challenge: While Debbie was active within Facebook communities and had a content rich website, she was looking to fine tune her social media messaging and convert followers to clients.

See Debbie's results here.

The Team

Check out a few of our team members and their experience during our fourth quarter projects.

Interested in submitting an application for our next round of projects? Here's how.