Work Life Balance, Part Two: Top Three Tips

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Our roles - as a mother, a partner/spouse, career-driven individual- demand that we master our ability to flow seamlessly into each role when required or desired. Mastering your physical and mental state during this flow not only enables you to perform at your peak, but gives back the fulfillment of owning and creating the moments in which we live and play.

As a marketing director who works remotely from home and the mother of two school-aged children, I am keenly aware of my ability to change physical and mental state throughout my day, and have a few key tips that aid in my fluidity.


The great part about ‘My Time’ is that it covers a lot of ground, and lets me prepare, reset, or center myself. A few ways I allocate ‘My Time’:

  • Wake Up First I have found that being the first to wake up in my house before the day kicks off gives me the breathing room to start my day my way. Setting the table for breakfast, reviewing my work calendar, reading the top news briefs, or even checking the string of emails that came in overnight gives me a bit of freedom to take control of my state and my morning before anyone else can.

  • Be Coached Two 45-minute sessions with my transformational coach each month is remarkable for my personal and professional spirit. It’s my opportunity to dig deep, create, brainstorm and recharge. She holds me accountable, drives me to ask better questions of myself, and shares best practices to manifest. Just like our high school and college coaches demanded our best, as does my transformational coach.

  • Treat Yourself A blowout, a pedicure, a massage, a facial, three Oreo’s. My five go-to’s when treating myself on my time. Take time to celebrate ourselves, without guilt. Whether it is two hours at the salon, or Oreo’s midday, do it with a smile.


We are what we feel - as well as what we eat. It comes down to our emotion which dictates our energy. Suggestions to nourish yourself:

  • Good, Clean Food A vegan for six years and vegetarian for two, I have trained myself to analyze my body performance and the effects of what I consume. Fresh juicing at home first thing in the AM ensures two Ball Jars sealed with goodness for your morning and midday snack. Carving out cooking time on a weekend morning offers ample good food made with love to take with you for lunch. Eating fats with every meal combats our monthly cycle cravings or dips in performance (½ avocado, ¼ cup trail mix or serving of Udo’s oil are a good start)

  • Hydrate Water. All day, every day. When you awake, hydrate after the fast that was sleep. Even a slight change in the amount of water in the body can impact overall performance, so grab a monogrammed tumbler or here in the South, a trendy Tervis, and ensure the simplest way your body can maintain and even heal itself.

  • Meditate Finding three to 10 minutes of peace each day does wonders. When quieting my mind, I find that many of the toughest challenges I am tackling become easier to solve, and often, ideas flow freely afterwards. Download two apps for carving out quick corners of peace in your daily routine- Calm and Headspace. Whether at 2PM sitting in your chair or lulling you to sleep, meditation in any form is a welcome state change.


My favorite law of physics is Kinetic energy, the energy of motion. Your kinetic energy will not change unless your speed changes - so stay in motion and continuously create.

  • Walk Daily With or without headphones, a walk with purpose- to free the mind, spend time with another, or embrace the beauty of our surroundings - is all healing. Find your path and change it up every now and then. As part of your daily routine, walking offers a chance to feel gratitude, peace and refreshment without over exertion or requiring anything additional of ourselves.

  • Battle Ropes Ah, my favorite part of my garage gym. Battle ropes offer strength, conditioning, core and cardio in one piece of equipment. Plus, my husband and I can easily swap 30-second sets without requiring plate changes or re-racking equipment. Consult your trainer or physical therapist, or check out a few online videos to get started. Thank me later.

  • Dance Hit the clubs if you like, but my dancing nowadays usually happens in the kitchen. An incredible release, dancing in the kitchen finds itself into weeknight dinner prep, weekend entertaining, and Sunday mornings with the children. Pack your Amazon Prime playlists so Alexa can keep you moving.

There is no work life balance. There is life- so take care of yourself first and enjoy it all.