Travel Tips: Tradeshow Season, Sales Roadshows and General Business Travel

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Trains, planes and automobiles - along with entertaining clients and partners- can hinder  commitments we’ve made to our wellness and fitness routines.  With tradeshow season upon us, commit to three easy to remember tips for maintaining our bodies, our minds and our sanity while on business travel:


Make this a first destination upon arrival, prior to checking into the hotel. From Vegas to Orlando and every corporate destination in between, locate the nearest drugstore or supermarket and purchase the following:

  • One-two gallons of spring water depending on length of stay

  • One pack of unsalted nuts per each day of travel

  • One banana for each day of travel

  • One lemon with a plastic knife OR request a knife from concierge for lemon slices

This way, you begin your day with a glass of water with neutralizing lemon slices and a banana, can stash a bag of protein-rich nuts in your purse or laptop bag, and can hydrate when returning from client dinners and entertaining.


Whether in your carry-on or checked luggage, have a separate bag for your essential vitamins, supplements and easy to carry resistance band. Carry-on luggage requirements will still be met by carrying the following: Vitamins/probiotics for each day of travel, a small sealed container or sealed plastic bag with one scoop of protein powder per each day of travel along with the mini-scoop, and empty shaker bottle, one bag of organic green tea for each day of travel and a resistance band. I also love packing a few vegan nutrition bars like Vega for travel days.

You will meet your daily vitamin requirement, stave off cravings, avoid sugary beverage chains, and be able to pump out a workout if crunched for time with the ever-so-portable resistance band.


When in Vegas, I prefer to run the strip early in the morning, in Orlando I hit the hotel gym, in Tokyo I ran daily at 5AM in Shinjuku Central Park, and in Chicago, I leave early to take the long way to a conference along the Chicago River. Wherever your business travels take you, commit to the time spent on conditioning your body and spirit, especially if the demands of the business are high. 

A few well-planned, easy to complete suggestions will reduce stress, improve your ability to perform as an integral part of your team, and prevent you from derailing from your usual day-to-day routine.

Enjoy safe, successful, and nourishing travels!